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Dental Sterilizers Clean and Safe


Dental sterilizer Moist heat rapid sterilizer is specially designed and manufactured by our company for occasions requiring frequent sterilization such as dentistry, ophthalmology, and laboratory. There are two models of 18 liters and 23 liters, which are suitable for hospitals or professional sterilization institutions.

The dental sterilizer uses microprocessor intelligent control, human-machine interface, easy to operate, safe and reliable, clean and hygienic, various parameters and status of the operation process are dynamically displayed on the digital screen. Automatic fault diagnosis, over-temperature, over-pressure automatic protection, to ensure the reliability of sterilization. The built-in condensate collector does not exhaust the exhaust gas, which is clean and safe. Its structural composition: mainly includes sterilization chamber, steam generator, vacuum pump, pressure sensor, condenser, temperature controller, control system, liquid storage system and other parts.