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Precautions for Mecial Clinic Sealing Machine


Mecial Clinic Sealing Machine is mainly used for medical equipment in hospital disinfection supply room, operating room and other sealing equipment departments. It can be used for continuous sealing and parameter printing of paper-plastic bags and Tyvek paper bags. At present, there are mainly two types on the market Sealing machine: single-row sealing machine and double-row sealing machine, users can choose according to the actual usage. So what precautions should be taken when using the medical sealing machine?

1. Before daily use, the parameter accuracy and closing integrity of the medical air heater should be checked.

2. If the sealing line of the medical sealing machine is short, intermittent sealing, cracks or gaps, delamination and delamination of the sealing material, melting of the sealing material, failure of the plastic packaging, please close it in time and you need to find out the reason.

3. There are grooves on the roller of the medical hot air blower, and the roller of the sealing machine has grooves or is blocked by foreign matter. Make sure that the temperature of the sealing machine is not too low.

4. The width and strength of the sealing pattern using the Mecial Clinic Sealing Machine should be at least the same as the width and strength of the plastic packaging material used.
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