Medical Clinic Automatic Sealing Machine

Medical Clinic Automatic Sealing Machine

Joident is a manufacturer of Medical Clinic Automatic Sealing Machine with Printer and Instrument Tray a fairly established reputation in this industry. We currently cooperate with China and many other countries across the world. Our excellent after-sales service and high-quality products have also helped to build our reputation. In general, when we get information on an inquiry, we will respond promptly. We anticipate your involvement and collaboration.  
This Joident sealing machine has through more than 1800 professional testing since its creation, has 5 unique technologies, and is currently exported to more than 80 countries and regions. It also comes with a 12-month warranty. Modern art and minimalist modeling are seamlessly combined from inside to out. You can choose a sterilizing bag with a different width based on your demands, which significantly increases working productivity.  
The Joident sealing machine has various benefits, including easy operation, a knife edge with a sharp edge, an automatic buzzer, and heating at a steady temperature. The machine comes with handles from the Mermaid series, which follow practical ergonomic design. The user may be protected from harm by the hidden sliding blade.

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Product Description


Main features:

7 "color LCD touch screen, graphical user interface, in English and display the print switch, keyboard input control, built-in clock and parameters can be set with automatic storage function;

own positive sequence (descending) sealing the counter, the number of sealing can be achieved within 0 to 9999 statistics; with print margins, print interval symbols and other special features.

have a rapid heating and auxiliary cooling design: equipped with a microcomputer-controlled heating and cooling mechanism to reduce sealing temperature quickly from low to high or from high in the end of the waiting time, energy efficient, fast-paced meet the operational needs of the temperature conversion;

computer intelligent temperature control design, operating temperature 60 ~ 220 ℃ arbitrarily set, temperature accuracy of less than ± 1%; four common preset temperature were 60 ℃, 120 ℃, 180 ℃, 220 ℃, according to the daily users demand for fast switching, user quickly select the sealing temperature;

Operating temperature sealing temperature exceeds the set value range ± 4 ℃, the machine will automatically stop working, effectively ensure the safe operation of the seal of quality and equipment;

using floating constant pressure lamination structure design to meet the three-dimensional bags and bag sealing needs of different thicknesses;

automatic fault alarm indicator, automatic detection of the working process, a variety of failures can be automatically or prompt alarm;

standby time and standby temperature is adjustable, intelligent standby recovery, high-speed return to operating temperature, reducing the waiting time;

Advanced flatbed ceramic heating elements, heating up fast, uniform heating, high temperature, long life, high thermal efficiency;

The identification of state run, you can achieve the test of time, sealing temperature, pressure, speed, sealing time, operators, device number printed in English.

● Technical parameters:

Sealing speed 10±0.5m / min
Sealing left side 0~ 35 mm adjustable
Operating temperature 60~ 220 °℃ adjustable
Temperature accuracy ±1%
AC 110V/220V ± 10%50Hz
seal pattern width 12 mm
Maximum Current 3.2A
fuse 5A×2
Power 500 w
Dimensions 560×260×220mm

The printing system features:

have Chinese and English dual operating system, you can switch back and forth, operate under the Chinese state can be realized characters and symbols printed English operating state can be achieved and symbols printed in English;

Chinese, English, numbers and special characters in line with the print function "YY0466-2003 medical devices used with medical device labels, signs and symbols to provide information", the Ministry of Health to meet the requirements of the sterilization date, expiration date, batch sterilization sterilizer number, an operator code and other printing functions;

sterilization date, expiration date can be automatically adjusted according to the settings, intercalary month, the size of the month is automatically adjusted;

sealer comes in English and printing systems, the print clear, simple and quick to set the print matters, print font width is adjustable, easy to put more content printed on the relatively narrow bag, printing feature a key to close also may need to close an entry, flexible, convenient, fast;;

The system will print width values are given according to the selected print content, automated accounting print minimum bandwidth, helping the operator to determine how much of the project before printing to select the appropriate paper and plastic bags, paper and plastic bags is insufficient to achieve before sealing width reminder;

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