Dental Digital Autoclave 18L

Dental Digital Autoclave 18L

High quality Dental Digital Autoclave 18L made in China. Joident is Dental Digital Autoclave 18L manufacturer and supplier in China. For almost ten years, Joident has operated in China. It currently works with numerous overseas nations. You can buy sterilizers from our factory with confidence since we are a reputable sterilizer manufacturer and we will provide you with the best after-sale service and prompt delivery. Purchasing a steam sterilizer from us is welcome. Within 24 hours, every customer request is responded to.

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Product Description

Dental digital autoclave 18L

Hot sale quality Dental Digital Autoclave 18L made in China. Joident is Dental Digital Autoclave 18L manufacturer and supplier in China. This dental steam sterilizer by Joident has a digital display and LED display. It can be utilized in most dental clinics and is simple to use. Since the pipeline system inside is fully equipped and the high efficiency steam generator can efficiently stimulate the steam penetration ability, no errors can be created in any of the links. In a timely manner, the condenser can condense steam into waste water and release it to the entire system.

Since its creation in 2014, this Joident tiny steam sterilizer has reached a fairly advanced stage. It comes with a 5-year service life and a 12-month warranty. It is simple to setup and maintain the equipment. Our business has conducted extensive research in the fields of control and disinfection and is at the forefront of the sector.

●operation mode

The sterilizerhas the European B + S double sterilization procedure


Equipped with multi-language, LED display, key operation and easy loading

●Machine equipping procedure

2 test procedures and 4 sterilization procedures


●Technical Specifications


Novo Pro 18L LED


Class B+S steam sterilizer


Number plus letter

User manual


Chamber size


Working temperature

134℃ (273.2℉)

Temperature adjust range

121-134℃ (249.8-273.2℉)

Timer range


Appearance dimension



● Feature And Application

Intelligent monitoring and diagnosis system

Simplified traceability

Pre-heating system 

Wind cooling super window 

The quick coupling system 

E.Light handle 

● Details 

Water tank

The door 

Carrier&tray (optional)



Technical Data 


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